terça-feira, 1 de maio de 2012

E o prémio para acto mais corajoso da actualidade vai para...

Paul Miller. Ele decidiu cortar laços com a internet.

"Internet use" includes web browsing from any device, asking anyone to web browse for me, surfing the internet over someone's shoulder, and enjoying entertainment streams like Netflix, even if started by someone else. I won't sync my devices over the internet, download software (even operating systems), use internet-verified DRM, or anything like that. I won't manage my bank accounts over the internet, and will attempt to pay my bills manually or over the phone. Unless I'm doing it unknowingly, I won't use VoIP. I'll avoid even having my Wi-Fi on in order to avoid accidental internet use. 
Additionally, I'm going to attempt to eliminate my text messaging, at least as far as that's in my power. I know it's not over the internet, but I'm trying to eliminate ambient distractions, and I think SMS tends to be one. To help lower my temptations, I've switched to a dumbphone. 
I will use credit cards and I will use phone services that might be operated by internet-connected computers instead of humans (if I can't find another way to contact a company).

Admiro-o. Neste momento, não teria tomates para fazer isto. E só posso dizer que quero acompanhar isto diariamente. Se o quiserem fazer, sigam o The Verge. É um belo de um site.

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